Wednesday, October 01, 2008

This is it - here we go!

Today is my last day in the office. Tomorrow I head off to Heathrow to catch a SAA flight to Port Elizabeth via Jo'burg. I return on 13th October. I am as fit as I will ever be, having trained for the London Marathon in 2008, and having undertaken some gruelling training on Salisbury plain care of Martin Chappell of AJP Experiences ( I am confident of being able to handle the challenge that faces me. Wish me luck and if you keep checking my blog I hope to be able to provide you with regular updates from South Africa as I go.

Before I sign off, I want to again thank all of my supporters. Without you this would not have been possble and together we would not have been able to raise over £20,000 for the charities that are benefitting from the Enduro Africa - Ride for Life plus of course Riders for Health and NUMAST Welfare Funds.

Thank you,


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Mark Dickinson said...

Good on you Mark. As the great Jimmy Morrison said - Keep your eyes on the Road and hands upon the wheel. And have a real good time.

All the best from your aussie sponsors at the Maritime Union