Saturday, October 04, 2008

First ride on Honda CRF230!

We rode into a stunningly beautiful lodge, Mansfields, near Port Alfred after 10 hours in the saddle.

Most of the roads were dusty as hell - made up of gravel and sand with enourmous potholes which the CRF copes with ease.

No one fell off.

There are sixteen riders in Yellow Group (gold as we've designated ourselves for obvious reasons!) ranging from Pat who is 68 and Max who is a stripling at 21.

All of us coped amazingly well with the varied and testing terrain which culminated in a descent down a river bed at 60 degrees.

We lunched at the Schotia Game reserve and were given a 30 min tour in a landrover and in that time we disturbed a huge male lion who was slumbering in a bush; saw Ostrich and Wilderbeest; Zebras, Giraffes and two massive Rhinos.

We are lodging by a river in an open bunkhouse - 10 of us.

My bedroom is on the hill!

Alex from Edinburgh has already declared he snores like a chainsaw (interesting analogy) but somehow I don't think it will matter as we are all well and truly cream crackered.

I suspect there will be more than one of us dreaming of the epic rides to come.

If today was a taster of how tough its going to get then we will need more than a good nights sleep.

Just had Poike for dinner!

A poike pot is a cast iron pot that you can use over a fire or a gas stove, and cooks beautiful stews.

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