Monday, October 06, 2008

From Katberg to Morgan Bay

Short break after gold group all complete early morning climb stage from Katberg.

We are in the Amatola mountains, it's full of wonderful view of high country, cliffs and indigenous forests.

This is a panaramoic view from the road up to the ominously named Hogsback.

The name of 'Hogsback' comes from the high rocky ridge looking like a bushpig's spine.

It's 10am we have been riding for 2 hours, so far no problems.

We are doing 280km today ending up in Morgan Bay.

Fuel stop in a town called Alice.

In Alice we are welcomed by local kids!

After long ride, we arrived safely in Morgan Bay!

This is a view from my hotel room.


That's the abiding memory from today's ride.

Oh and the Green Team being awarded "Dick of the Day" for the second night in a row.

What started with a steep climb up a rocky moutain side;

the ascent and descent of the Hogsback and a truly wonderful ride though a forest carpetted with wild lillies ended with a heard of unpredicatable cows stampeding down the track.

One of the Red team collided with one of same and came off worse.

One of the blue team hit a cow which then promptly fell on her and damaged her spine.

She is fine and recovering in hospital.

Unfortunatley the cow had to be put down (No. There are no sexist jokes in this!).

Green Team where a mess today, getting lost and split up so much so they were still arriving as Gold Team celebrated well into their fourth beers in the bar at the Morgans Bay Hotel.

It was dark and raining as the last stragglers arrived but Gold Team is still in tact and Pat - the grandaddy of all the participants - was awarded the "Spirit Award" for his steady and dogged progress.

My body is still sore but only a couple of minor crashes today.

Having a great time!

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