Tuesday, September 02, 2008

This is it!

I have just received the following message from the Enduro Africa team in Bath:-

'The time is nearly upon us for the 2008 Enduro Africa events, which without doubt will be our best to date, the SA team are so fired up to guide you through this amazing experience and the improvements to the route are yet another example of their ingenuity and enthusiasm in continuing to wow people with this ride. Whether you’re moved to tears in a local school, riding nervously through one of the several game reserves we travel through or up to your waist in water on a river crossing hysterical with laughter, Enduro Africa is set to blow your mind very soon!

There has been a superb effort on the fundraising and many of you are well over your targets already – whether you are just short of target, on target and treading water, or well ahead of the minimum entry figure PLEASE KEEP GOING. As you all know 100% of the money you raise over and above the minimum target goes direct to charity and this makes all the difference to the work Enduro Africa does – we always want to beat the previous year’s performance (and that won’t be easy this year) so let’s all go for it – the team are here to support you in this final push, for many of you this is your once in a lifetime chance to help the poor of South Africa and Lesotho so make it count!

Just to reconfirm since 2007 Enduro Africa has not been supplying bikes for Doctors across Africa, that was when we supported Riders for Health, the new charities, announced in late 2007 (Sentabele, UNICEF and the Nelson Mandela Fund for Children) have no use for motorcycles, so we have worked closely with the charities to move to a pure cash donation. All the charities we support are doing great work in SA and Lesotho and will be there to talk to you about the challenges they face, and the successes they are having in Africa during the event. They are superbly effective, transparent and ethical – thanks for supporting them.

It has been a joy dealing with you throughout the fundraising stage and it’s now up to the Enduro Africa team to pay you back tenfold for all that hard work. We will not be found wanting – and you can quote me on that!'

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