Friday, September 12, 2008

Complete Supporters List

Nautilus UK
The guests and members attending the Nautilus UK BGM 2007
D1-Marine Engineers Benevolent Association
Chamber of Shipping Quiz night donation
Columbia Ship Management
Northern Marine
Onchan Furniture Stores (Norman Quayle)
Northern Lighthouse Board
Paul McNally (of Andreson Lambert)
Norwegian Seamen's Union
Mariitme Union of Australia
The Maersk Company
Delta Marine
Videotel International
Doehle (IOM)
Marlow Navigation
Robert Woods
Edmund Brookes
Carl Husain
Pat & John Duncan
Elsie Billing
Peter Duncan
John McCurdy
Russ Garbutt
Chris Rogers
Su Flynn
Nick Luff
Noel Cooke
Dickinson Family (Mum, Dad and my brother and sisters)
Dennis Ayling
Bob Doyle
Gordon Thompson
John Cameron
Noriko Tomita
Andy McFarlane
Mark Dickinson
John Cooke
John Brown
Jacques Bille
Cleo Doumbia Henry
Andrew Cassells
Yumi Arai
Liz & Lol Mercer
Yuji Ijima
Kevin Slade
Tommy Molloy
Mariners Park Estate Book Sale
Mariners Park Estate Curry Night
Ulrich Jurgens
Joan & Bill McClennan
Mr D H Dewar (MPE)
Grant Hunter
Penny Philips
David Precious
and last but certainly not least Nautilus NL

Total raised £20,112,28

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