Monday, April 14, 2008

Well its over. We did it and despite swearing yesterday in front of witnesses that I'd never run again, today I even said to my wife that I might do it again. Reason? Although I don't know my official time (and hourly checks of the FLM website have not yet yielded the required information) I am pretty sure that I missed my target of under 5 hours. Out of the four Nautilus UK runners Mike Jess and Garry "I am injured" Elliott both put in fantastic runs to come in well under the 5 hour limit and Steve Doran and I soldiered on through the freezing rain to come home sometime later. All of us of have achieved something spectacular but that fades into insignificance set against some of the heroes & heroines that we had the honour to run with.

Its hard to put into words the experience - extremely humbling and emotional an event its most surely is. Seeing family and friends out on the course cheering you on and complete strangers extending their support is truly a wonderful experience. Memories of the pain (yes my ankle started grumbling from about 5 miles in and then growling by Tower Bridge) are starting to fade and in our small way the Nautilus UK team has hopefully made a significant contribution to the work of Seafarers UK.

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