Friday, April 11, 2008

London Marathon

I still can't quite get my head round the fact that 11 months ago in a red wine fuelled bout of stupidity I agreed to undertake the London Marathon to raise funds for Seafarers UK. Today, 300 miles and 50 hours of stumbling/jogging/running later I can't say I feel any fitter and I have certainly not lost much weight (about half a stone) which seems a tad unfair given the effort put in!

With a mere 38 hours to go its water/pasta/water/pasta pretty much all the way until sunday morning when I will have a bowl of Quakers porridge oast (with salt!) and a banana for breakfast about 2 hours before the race starts at 0945. The plan is to run at a constant 11 minute pace (I have averaged about 10 minutes/mile in training but I want to take it easy) with the aim of getting home in under 5 hours.

Now the excuses. I have had a relatively injury free training period compared to my running mates. The odd blister and, when I started to get beyond 10 miles, also my right ankle became very sore. I am hoping it holds out and will deploy the Iburefen gel liberally to hopefully stave off a reoccurence. Wish me luck!

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