Friday, March 14, 2008

Supporters update

The following is the current list of supporters who have made donations or pledged support: -

Shipping Companies

Anglo-Eastern (IOM)
Columbia Ship Management
Delta Marine
Lauritzen Fleet Mananagement
Norbulk Shipping
The Maersk Company
The staff of the Chamber of Shipping
V-Ships Monaco


Nautilus UK
The members and guest attending the Nautilus UK 150th Anniversary Dinner (May 2007)
AIMPE (Australia)
MUA (Australia)
Philippines Seafarers Union
SINDMAR (Brazil)


Robert Woods
Edmund Brookes
Carl Husain
Pat Duncan
Pete Duncan
John McCurdy
Russ Garbutt
Chris Rogers
Su Flynn
Nick Luff
Noel Cooke
John Cooke
John Brown
The Dickinson Family
Dennis McIntyre
Bob Doyle
Gordon Thompson
John Cameron
Noriko Tomita
Andy MacFarlane
Andrew Cassells
Cleo Doumbia Henry
Jacques Bille
Yumiko Arai
Mark Dickinson

Grand total so far £12,037 with some pledgers still to reveal their generosity!

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