Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Press article November 2006

ALL SIDES of the shipping industry are chipping in with generous donations towards a fund-raising motorcycle endurance ride by Nautilus UK assistant general secretary Mark Dickinson.
He is aiming to raise a total of £20,000 for a number of charities, including Riders for Health and the NUMAST Welfare Funds, by taking part in the 2,500km Enduro Africa ride through South Africa in November 2008.
Mr Dickinson will be riding a Yamaha AG200 across the country, which will then be given to Riders for Health to be used by a local health worker for delivering medical services in remote and outlying communities.
Nautilus UK Council members have already approved a £1,000 donation for his mission, and last month a further £1,000 was pledged by Jan Eskilt of the Norwegian shipping company OSM.
Staff at the Chamber of Shipping have promised to donate the proceeds of a quiz night, while deputy director-general Edmund Brookes has pledged a further £200 from his own pocket.
The Isle of Man shipping minister has also promised help, and Mr Dickinson says he hoped to be able to auction some VIP passes for the 2007 TT to raise further funds.
‘I am delighted by the response, and really grateful for all the support that is being promised,’ Mr Dickinson told the Telegraph.
Find out more, or pledge support by clicking on: http//enduro-africa-2008.blogspot.com/

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