Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hello, my name is Mark Dickinson.
I am 45 years young, work for Nautilus UK (the union for maritime professionals) and in November 2008 I will take part in Enduro Africa. Enduro Africa is a unique and challenging motorbike adventure in aid of the charity Riders for Health.
I will ride a Yamaha AG200 motorcycle 2,500km across South Africa over 14 days. At the end of the 14 days my motorcycle will be given to Riders for Health to be used by a local health worker. This will facilitate the delivery of medical services in remote and outlying communities.

The trip involves 100 motorcycle riders from all over the world tackling 14 days of dusty and demanding riding through some of South Africa's most rugged and isolated terrain.
My aim is to raise £20,000 to be split between Riders for Health and the NUMAST Welfare Funds.
I will post more information in due course. Thanks for reading my blog and I look forward to your support!


Sumpy said...

Erm... Isn't that an MZ ETZ250 that you are sat astride? Are you sure you can manage the Yamaha? It's worth £100 for me to find out!

Mark Dickinson said...

Hello is an MZ I am sat on and unfortunately I wont be riding that around the South African bush! My trusty steed will be an AG 200 Yamaha (see the bike at

Have I done enough to secure that £100?!